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The cabins in Saint-Pierre d'Oléron

Since its origin, Coop Atlantique has always supported products of the region.
Coop Atlantique has just set up colourful cabins in its Carrefour Market in Saint-Pierre d'Oléron, which is actively involved locally. These cabins will boost the sales of the products of the region and maintain local jobs as well.


Something new at Coop Champagne's:


- l With Leader Price name, the store in Epinal, in the Vosges, was moved and its floor surface was enlarged from 596 sq.m to about 977 sq.m. .



Saint Maximin

- Coop Champagne opened a new Leader Price store in Saint Maximin in Oise. It has a 926 sq.m floor surface. .




Coop Atlantique 2011 General meeting

Are there any hidden threats in our food?
This question was asked during the round table which followed Coop Atlantique General Meeting last May 26.
As a consumer co-operative, we wonder: "What are people willing to consume ? What can we sell ?" These questions were asked by Loïc Pelletier who required from the people taking part to deliver a genuine speech, neither upsetting, nor deceptively comforting, as people "are old enough" to understand! It is the only way to remain on the look out while faced with the delusive promises of marketing!
• Patrick Dauron, Chairman of Agrobio Poitou-Charentes
• Anne Schneider, Co-operative Quality Controller Val Nantais registered Agriconfiance
• Olivier de Carné, Consumer Goods and Distribution Industry Manager for Coop d e France
• Gilles Maréchal, Manager of the FARRE association
• Gérard Pinto, apple Producer in Limousin region
• Barbara Bidan, Nutrition Manager for Fleury Michon
• Gil Rivière-Wekstein, Publishing Manager of Farming and Environment and the author of "Organic food, false promises and true marketing".
All these people offered their views and their evidence during the debates.


Transport by inland waterways to reduce carbon dioxide

On last April 4, along with1500 other companies, the Groupe COOP CNP took part in the round table about the future of transport by inland waterways, and the "Seine-Nord canal" plan which will make Picardie the European centre of transport by inland waterways !
Pascal Cressent, Manager of Abbeville Super U took part in this meeting personally held by the President of the Republic.
Today, transport by inland waterways represents 4,400 tons of goods, that is to say the equivalent of a convoy of 220 lorries which would release from 220,000 up to 280,000 tons of greenhouse gas ! This 4 billion euro plan, which will help protect environment and develop the economy of the Picardie region, should be achieved by the year 2017.

Presentation of diplomas at the Coop CNP

The presentation ceremony took place last May 25, and rewarded the ten award winners of the year 2010 with the Certificate of Professional Qualification. It is a specific "Head of Department" certificate, created and delivered by the professional branch of the co-operatives and acknowledged by the F.N.C.C. collective agreement. 91 percent of the employees who have received this training got their diploma ; and 80 percent of the qualified people currently work as "head of department" within our Hyper and Super U stores

At consumer's disposal

A new page should be discovered on www.lemutant.fr Le Mutant website and www.groupe-coop.coop Coop CNP website: "services to consumers". They offer new contact forms which vary according to requests, in order to provide more interactive and straightforward replies.

2012: the logo of the international year of co-operatives

The Organisation des Nations Unies: ONU (United Nations) has made public the official logo for 2012.
This logo can be widely used for non-commercial communication operations. Due to its activity and its nature, the co-operative movement is trying to get the possibility to use it in a more flexible way, in order to be able to add it on products and services offered by co-operatives.

July 2, 2011: 17th international day of Co-operatives

The theme of this 17th day of Co-operatives is: "young people: the future of co-operative companies".
It will be the opportunity to set forth initiatives showing advantages of the co-operative model for young people, and to provide examples of dialogues between generations.

The Haute Normandie region will support co-operatives

A financial support has been set up for:
• Wage earners who will take over their companies as SCOP firms, or SCIC firms, after these firms have been handed over or liquidated
• Firm entrepreneurs setting up SCOP or SCIC firms
The plan of action will possibly be achieved within the following limits:
• Minimum participation of 500 euros per member wage-earner
• Upper limit of 5,000 euros per wage-earner and of 10,000 euros per SCOP /SCIC.

The Poitou-Charentes region will support the entreneurial spirit among young people via Coopératives Jeunesse de Services (Youth Co-operatives forServices)

Coopératives Jeunesse de Services: CJS, will be experimented in order to favour the discovery of collective enterprises, commitment, solidarity, responsibility and autonomy among 16 – 25 year old young people. A CJS is an educational tool which initiates young people to the running and to the managing of enterprises while making it possible to insure services to individuals and local authorities who can't achieve odd jobs for lack of time or personnel or because craftsmen are not interested in doing these jobs.
Co-operatives offer a place, means, resources, training and a permanent support so that they can take over the collective plan and meet the needs of services.

Coop Suisse: a durable company of retail business

Oekom Research, a rating agency, awarded Coop Suisse first prize for being the most durable company of retail business in the world, among 130 world famous selected companies. As the only one to get a B+ mark, it was singled out for its global strategy and the management of the chain of suppliers respectful of workers' rights, as well as its action in favour of sustainable farming

COOP FR General Meeting

At Coop FR General Meeting, the main theme was : Co-operatives and Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE).
The speakers debated with the audience about the specificities of co-operatives facing the RSE requirements and the French normative approach. Elements of answers were put forward particularly with the setting up of specific indicators. Co-operatives do have natural strong points: the principle of democratic governance, "one person = one vote", the fair redistribution of wealth, along with the impossibility to share the reserves and so on. Nevertheless, the co-operative movement committed itself to improving the tools available, particularly the co-operative audit which is an essential job for Coop FR as the President Jean Claude Detilleux remarked.


What amount of carbon dioxide per plate?

A survey carried out by Greenest consulting firm, the Credoc and Protéines agency revealed the carbon impact of our food and gave the following results: an average 1524 kg of CO2 per adult. Results vary according to the gender along with the diet; so, a vegetarian produces an average 966 kg of CO2 and a high protein diet fan produces 3537 kg of CO2.

Paris will reduce poster advertising by 30 percent

The new local advertising regulations will forbid the 4X3 in particular
In order to protect the landscape and the living environment of Parisian people, the maximal surface of advertising boards will be limited to 8 sq.m instead of the 12 sq.m of the current 4X3.
On the other hand, there shouldn't be any more advertising within 50 m from schools, churches, cemeteries, neither in green spaces or shared parks nor on the inside ring road. Advertising has remained forbidden in two areas of Paris : Montmartre and the Seine banks.
The new regulations will also restrict the size of the billing on covers displayed on restoration works, but this measure doesn't apply to listed monuments for which regulations have been set by the Ministry for the Arts.

New Domain names

As early as January 1, 2010 companies will be able to use new domain names with extensions including their own names, brandnames or product names. The ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is an international organization; it maintains a global regulation and has allowed this new extension. This possibility whose cost is still unknown so far may be restricted to large firms only.


Coop Alsace

On June 18, the Board of Directors unanimously appointed Bruno Vincent-Genot Chairman and Managing Director. Bruno Vincent-Genot is the current General Manager of Coop Alsace.
Yves Zehr didn't wish to be re-elected as Chairman. He will remain a board member of Coop Alsace and the President of the Holding company and he has been appointed Honorary chairman of Coop Alsace.


Organic products

Gil Rivière-Wekstein editions Le Publieur
The author is a journalist who has specialized in farming and environmental issues. He has carried out a counter inquiry about the assumed benefits of organic products. He has come to the conclusion that the benefits of organic products on health and environment have not been proved scientifically.

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