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Co-operatives have just reasserted their values in a charter formalized by Coop FR which itemized them through a motto: « Day after day, co-operatives embody their values ».
Exposing them in such a way is a harsh challenge, with just as frequent the risk to undergo reproaches as to failures here and there.

But is it actually necessary to be assured to be successful, to undertake anything? This has been our consumer co-operatives' policy for over a century and we regularly expound it.

The raison d'être of co-operatives is to offer local services to their members.There lies their strength along with their weakness because they are exposed to the fierce judgement of competitors which don't compel themselves to offer similar local services.

Solidarity values – in the broad sense of a supportive attitude between members and as regards environment, whether it be natural or human – are the basis of this balance of the "fair price" which is always difficult to set; the fair price must be able to please consumers, wage earners and collectivity alike. But we know that management choices always leave an important part to collective involvement.

Transparency between their members is a strong incentive for everyone and particularly for the managers, although it may prove painful sometimes.

Along with the cemented relationship between people, represented by their skilfulness, these values are the key of the durability of our institutions. It is only in the light of durability that we can assess the effectiveness and significance of co-operative values.

One century, even 130 years for some of them…is it long enough to be convinced of it?

Loïc Pelletier
FNCC Chairman of the board

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