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The consumer co-operative movement is active in a great variety of areas : farming, banking, craft,  fishing, housing, manufacturing, transportation.

Co-operatives are especially numerous in food-related industries and mass marketing .

These co-operatives are owned and operated by their members, who then may profit from their activities.

There are a number of important principles that underlie the co-operative movement :

Co-operatives collectively belong to their members ; they cannot be acquired through take over bids and they are not transferable.

They take part to the competitive economy, but unlike private companies, they              operate  under the principle of  “one man, one vote”. Each member is allotted one vote whatever his capital amount.

These independent companies, are rooted in the economic and social fabric of the region.

They are vehicles of the sustainable development.

Consumer Co-operatives in France are federated within the F.N.C.C. : the National Federation of Consumer Co-operatives.

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